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The product is based on the high-order PAM4 modulation technology of 8-channel 26.5625Gbaud, the module adopts on-board optical engine technology, uses non-airtight COB packaging design, and uses the industry-leading DSP, to integrate Gear box, CDR, rate
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With the advent of the 5G era, the capacity of the network will develop by leaps and bounds. The downlink peak data rate can reach 20Gbps, while the uplink peak data rate may exceed 10Gbps. In terms of infrastructure, operators should upgrade end-to-end network architecture to build an elastic architecture from access network, convergence network to core network, so as to enhance the flexibility of bandwidth expansion of their infrastructure. 400GE based on single-channel 50G PAM4 technology can well adapt to the demand of 5G for network cost and performance, and construct the optimal solution from access, convergence to core network.

The revenue of data communication optical module is expected to be more than US $12 billion in the next three years, with an estimated demand of 14.25 million modules in 5G and a market capacity of more than 30 billion yuan / year. Our R & D project is located in 5G bearer network and data center applications. The unique COB optical engine package design can meet both high-performance requirements and low-cost advantages, solve customers' main pain points, and meet market needs.


  • Adopt hot-swappable QSFP-DD package full-duplex transceiver integrated module.

  • 4-channel 1271/1291/1311/1331nm EML laser and PIN photodetector array.

  • Built-in CDR circuit (DSP) for receiving and transmitting channels.

  • Maximum speed up to 425Gbps (8-way 50G PAM4 electrical interface).

  • Comply with QSFP-DD MSA and IEEE 802.3cd 200GBASE-FR4 Ethernet standards.

  • The transmission distance can reach up to 2km through single-mode fiber (SMF).

  • The maximum power consumption is less than 10W.

  • The operating temperature ranges from 0 to 75 degrees Celsius.

  • Duplex LC optical port.

  • Integrated I2C interface DDM.

  • Comply with RoHS environmental standards (lead-free).

  • Security certification: TUV/UL/FDA

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